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Wednesday, 13 July 2011 00:00

Seeking Alpha CertifiedOne must use the power of Economics & Statistics combined with knowledge of Finance. That is the primary reason the website is named EFS Investment. Use fundamental analysis to pick the best stocks for the long term. Use statistical analysis to benefit from cyclical market anomalies. Use technical analysis to confirm your decisions.

The long-term stock picking models are back-tested. Before choosing any stock, we go back 5 years, and see how models could have worked so far. We continuously perform sector wide back tests within specific sectors, and check the past data to make future estimations. If investors used these models, those bubbles would have never existed. Investment is not an art; it is a science which can be learned through reading, application, and experience. One can enjoy short-term rewards at the risk of losing large amount of capital in the long run. Thanks to the access to special trading software, we can make decisions on a global scale. A solid reason to be on the bullish side of the market: A ttm [trailing twelve month] P/E ratio of 15 (+-5) is well justified for the U.S. market. Here, is the last 20 articles on SeekingAlpha:

You can download the Fair Value + O-Metrix + Graham Margin of Safety Formula Excel Sheets. A description of those formulas can be found in a separate sheet for convenience.

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